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Devops Training and Consulting


With experience in operations and Unix going back to 1990, and with experience of modern technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, Jsonnet and automating observability systems (e.g. Grafana/Prometheus), we offer support in establishing a solid devops strategy, and getting development and deployment infrastructure in place.

The Psychology of Minimum Concept Count

As a follow up to my previous post on minimum concept count, I wanted to talk a little about the psychology that I see backing up the idea. When I compare myself to many of my colleagues, I note that I often take longer to grasp a concept in comparison. What I notice...

Minimum Concept Count

There's loads of cool technology out there, much of it being touted as making my life easier as a developer or computer user. Yet, often I ignore it, or play a little then abandon it as "too complicated". I've often mulled on what it takes for a product or a tool to...