Technology connecting us with others' Wisdom

Peace is Possible

Ancient Wisdom, Here and Now

Over many centuries, when people sought Wisdom, they went to where those with Wisdom were: monasteries and nunneries. You sought another life, away from the hustle and bustle.

Now, though, we have the Internet. The Internet is connecting people in ways never before dreamed of. It is helping people connect, and share their Wisdom – reducing the suffering in the world, and leading to greater peace and contentment.

At Odoko, we are focusing on how technology can assist this process – provide greater and better tools to those who have something worth sharing, allowing them to focus on the Real Work, while we ensure their technology needs are met seamlessly.

Malcolm Holmes

Malcolm has been a Buddhist for 25 years, technologist and developer for longer. Melding the insights from his meditation practice with his observations of technical online communities and his skills with analysing systems, Malcolm enjoys using this knowledge to increase the effectiveness of those who are sharing the Wisdom they have gained from their own practice, and hopes that Odoko can, in some small way, contribute to the increasing spread of much needed Wisdom in this world.

He was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order in 2000, when he was given the name Upayavira. He has used this name in his technical work, e.g. at the Apache Software Foundation where he is a member and previously carried the role of VP Fundraising.

Jonny Baker

Since joining a residential Buddhist community in South London while still at school in the 70s, Jonny has several decades of experience practising and teaching meditation. Chairman of a Buddhist Centre in Islington, London in the 90s, he now combines managing the day to day operations of Odoko with sharing his broad insight and understanding of practices from across the world that lead to greater depth and wellbeing. He teaches online and face to face in the UK and in Asia.