Please be aware that these courses will be taught by open source practitioners, not by lawyers/attorneys. Nothing in this course will constitute legal advice. However, after this course, you should have a much better idea of what legal advice, if any, you should seek.


Open Source Licensing


Explore Risk in Consuming Open Source

Does your organisation make use of open source code? Do developers keep including code without considering licensing implications? Do you worry about possible breaches of open source licenses and the risks associated? This course will lay out the range of licenses used in open source and how they interact with your own code, and make suggestions as to how to put together a sensible open source policy.

Who Should Attend?

This course is intended for anyone using open source code, whether developers, project managers, or lawyers/attorneys.



Open Source Governance


How to Contribute to Open Source Development

Do you wish to base your business around an open source project, yet wonder how you will have influence within it? Do you wonder what risks are involved in open sourcing some of your code?

This course explores how open source communities work. We will detail the various models used within open source development, helping you to make your own choices about development methods and licensing.