Odoko Enterprise Search Training – Mission Statement


Odoko’s principal aim is that our trainees leave our courses happy. – That is, happy that they have learned what they came to learn.


We fit our training to your individual needs


This means that whilst our trainers will cover all the material in the course, they will be just as interested in the needs of their trainees and their particular use-cases. For this reason, we do not employ people who only know the content as presented in the material – we employ trainers that are domain experts, who are happy and willing to deviate from the structure of the course and explore approaches to issues facing delegates – especially when such an exploration will benefit all delegates on the course. They will be able to draw upon many years of experience solving practical technical problems to help delegates with their own. At Odoko, we know we have succeeded when our delegates leave happy, and are able to go on to make greater and more effective use of technology within their work.