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Odoko Trainers include Lucene Committers
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Elasticsearch Training

Elasticsearch is an open source search engine that utilises the power of the Apache LuceneTM library to provide both structured and full-text search capabilities through a simple, coherent, RESTful API. It is highly scalable, resilient, and very fast.

Get Up and Running with Elasticsearch

Course Content That is Responsive to Your Needs

At the start of the Elasticsearch course, Odoko will take the time to understand your use-case. What is your chosen language that you will use to interact with Elasticsearch? What is the typical amount of documents held in your search environment? How many requests will you have to serve? By taking time to understand exactly how you might use the software, we are able to structure the course accordingly. That means that you will learn about the concepts most pertinent to you and your search environment. Your learning experience is guided through presentations and demonstrations of Elasticsearch concepts. You will also have plenty of opportunities to get your hands on the software itself.

Independent Provider

Odoko is an independent trainer, that takes prides in providing quality training around open source technologies. With experience in training going back 15 years, and experience in open source for over a decade, Odoko is a trusted source of quality training. In particular, we specialise in open source search technologies, such as Elasticsearch and Solr.

Instructor Led Courses by Experienced Trainers

All of our Elasticsearch courses are instructor-led and classroom based. They will introduce you to the key technologies of the software.
Odoko’s trainers are acknowledged experts in their field. They are active Developers who have many years experience in enterprise search implementation. They include Apache Lucene committers, who have an in-depth knowledge of the underlying libraries behind the Elasticsearch technology.

Who Should Attend?

This course is an introduction to Elasticsearch, suitable for a broad spectrum of technology specialists, including Developers, DBA’s, and System Architects.

Our aim is that, by the end of the course, you will have the knowledge and confidence to start using your search applications effectively.