Solr Committer offers Solr Training with Odoko

Solr Committer offers Solr Training

On 21 June I received an email inviting me to become a Lucene / Solr committer. I was delighted and honoured to receive this invitation as I have been involved in the Solr community for many years and am pleased to be able to give something back.

During my work delivering Apache Solr training courses, I’ve been seeing more and more how valuable the Solr Admin UI is. I’ve come to really appreciate the work done by Stefan on the 4.x admin UI – the richness of the UI and the complexity of the work done there are impressive, as is the amount of learning available without leaving the UI.

From an “under the bonnet” perspective, it was hard to maintain however, as the style of Javascript programming was unfamiliar to most Java developers, and as a consequence, it has lagged behind the feature set offered by Solr since it was first developed.

In December, I began a project to rewrite the UI with AngularJS. This is nearing completion, is included in Solr 5.2.1 as an alternative UI, has many fixes included in 5.3, which is due shortly, and will have useful new functionality in 5.4. The first target is to include support for the Collections API. Additional ideas include:

  • managed schema support (add/remove fields/field types/synonyms/etc via the UI)
  • possibly a “simple” view aimed at newcomers that just shows the basics: a simple query view, a document upload tab, and a simple collection creation option
  • structured query view – shows you your query results nicely formatted, including any “explains” output

There’s much more than that that I look forward to adding mainly because I am passionate about Solr and want to contribute to the community.  It also means that after many years of delivering enterprise search training, a Solr committer offers Solr Training with Odoko.

Solr Committer offers Solr Training

Apache Solr – Committer

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