Odoko’s Offering

Odoko is a technology consultancy with a difference. With a deep background in technology reaching back into the early 1980s, whilst being up-to-date with the latest trends in technology (such as Docker, Kubernetes, web development, enterprise search, open source and more), we are able to assist those who are aiming to leverage technology in their business. We have often stepped in at an early stage in a project and been able to provide simple guidance that gives direction to an entrepreneur, saving significant resources that would be otherwise spent in needless investigation and exploration.

So what is “the difference”? As well as a deep background in technology, we also have substantial experience of current approaches to spiritual practices, whether yoga, meditation, wellness, or more specifically to what might be called awakening, Insight, Wisdom, or PNSE.

Bringing these two backgrounds together allows us to provide a unique take on the use of technology to improve wellbeing, and at the largest scale achievable. Contact us if there are ways you think we may be able to help.

For more details of our purely technical offering, see our technical site, odoko.co.uk.

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