Do we need new Technology?

I have a deep sense of what can arise from online communication. I have witnessed communities where the deepest of questions are explored in ways that bring about fundamental shifts in people’s experience of life. Anxiety, fear, suffering, all seem to be more optional than we might otherwise think.

How does technology help with this?

All it does is allows people who are not in the same place to communicate. That is all. Yet the consequences of that are profound.

We have many of the tools we need already – whether it be social media forums for group chats, instant messaging for one-to-one text conversations or video calling for more personal communication, tools for organising online events – they are all there.

Yet we haven’t learned, as a society, how to use these tools to their best – to maximise our effectiveness at sharing our learnings. There are so many ways that existing tools can be combined to make new things possible. I find these possibilities exciting, as it has the possibility of improving life for many people, and with relative ease.



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