Do we need new Technology?

I have a deep sense of what can arise from online communication. I have witnessed communities where the deepest of questions are explored in ways that bring about fundamental shifts in people’s experience of life. Anxiety, fear, suffering, all seem to be more... read more

Odoko’s Offering

Odoko is a technology consultancy with a difference. With a deep background in technology reaching back into the early 1980s, whilst being up-to-date with the latest trends in technology (such as Docker, Kubernetes, web development, enterprise search, open source and... read more

Jeffery A Martin

About two years ago, a colleague introduced me to the work of Jeffery A Martin. Along with my colleague, upon reading this work, I agreed quite how groundbreaking it was. Martin began with a premise of studying “happiness” and decided a good way to do so was to study... read more

A Changing World

For more countless millennia, people have been seeking to understand why we are here. For some, they seek not just understanding, but Wisdom, union with God, mystical experience – some form of transformation of experience. For others, such transformation is thrust... read more