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About Odoko


Expertise in Search, Expertise in Training

At Odoko we pride ourselves in providing quality training around open source technologies. Our specialism is in search and related areas. With experience in training going back 15 years, and experience in open source for over a decade, we can aim to provide a trusted source of quality training. We have been delivering Lucene / Solr training since 2010. In short we are not just content experts but experienced training providers too.

Get the Knowledge and Tools You Need

As described in our mission statement, at Odoko we strive to ensure that when our trainees leave us, they are happy that they have got what they needed from our courses. When you leave Odoko you will have the knowledge and tools that you need to implement your enterprise search requirements.

Training is Tailored to Your Use Cases

Because we are domain experts,  we able to respond flexibly to individual questions and to and explore creative approaches to your particular issues.

Our Trainers

With our classroom training courses, you get the benefit of being taught by trainers who are themselves developers with an in-depth knowledge of open source enterprise search solutions. After all, few people know Solr better than Lucene/Solr committers and in-depth practical experience means that our trainers are able to respond flexibly to the needs of your particular use cases. Anyway, don’t just take it from us , contact us for personal testimonials from some of our many satisfied attendees.

Our Venues

We have been delivering face to face enterprise search courses since 2010 in several international venues, including London, Amsterdam, Dublin and India. Our venues are carefully selected by us to provide ambience, convenience and value.


We came to Open Source Search with a lot of experience of open source development already under our belt. This means we can offer training on both open source technologies, and also on how open source in general works, and how best to leverage it in ways that benefit both yourself and the communities concerned.

Whether you are new to Solr, Elasticsearch or Open Source, or wanting to deepen your existing knowledge, we have the course for you, and if you want to fast track from beginner to advanced, you can go for it with one of our back-to-back combined courses.